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Brasch Manufacturing Company, Inc. is your best source for custom industrial and commercial electric comfort heaters and gas detectors for ventilation control.

The Brasch electric heater product line includes open coil and fin tube duct heaters, unit heaters, cabinet heaters, baseboard heaters, wall heaters, ceiling heaters, architectural heaters and make-up air units.  Brasch electric heaters provide a comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly heating method for schools, businesses, industry and commercial buildings.  Electric heat provides property owners low maintenance and high reliability and occupants with a warm, safe, clean and quiet environment.  Each Brasch heater is custom designed to specification, built using only premium materials, tested and inspected to assure the highest quality. 

Brasch markets its products exclusively through a nationwide network of representatives and distributors.  Find a Brasch Heater or Gas Detector representative in your area.

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The Brasch gas detector product line includes Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) detectors, Oxygen (O2) detectors, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detectors and Refrigerant detectors.  Brasch gas detectors and multi-input gas monitor panels are designed not only to provide an alarm when an alert condition is detected for a monitored gas, but to also provide means, by way of a series of contact closures, to operate ventilation equipment in order to remedy the problem.  Their dual sensor capabilities and ability to be integrated with Building Management Systems and Direct Digital Control Systems make them ideal for commercial and industrial applications. 

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